Sony Grabs Trademarks For Xperia Play and Xperia Arc

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We all knew that these handsets were on the way. Still, it's always fun to look around at company's trademark filings and see what's been recently marked. Sometimes, you find something new. Other times, you just hear about other products or services that are already announced.

This time, it's the Xperia Play and the Xperia Arc. Both are Sony Ericsson phones. The Play is particularly intersting. It's also been called the PlayStation phone or the PSP phone. It's the first smartphone on the market to be PlayStation certified, which means that it has Sony Computer Entertainment's seal of approval for making it compatible with PlayStation classic games as well as new smaller games developed with Sony's tools. The idea is that eventually, certain games (think iPhone-grade) can be played across all of Sony's platforms. A user would play them on their phone or NGP as well as their PlayStation 3. All they need to do now is put this PlayStation certification on their Vaios and everyone will be playing PlayStation classics.

Xperia Arc

Xperia Play


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