Speech Recognition: Android is Still Better than iPhone

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Android and iOS The Debate Goes On

There are differing opinions on the king of mobile OS right now: Android or iOS? It's a fight that's growing to the scale of what Mac and PC was just a few short years ago. Of course we are apparently in the post-PC era…whether you choose to agree with that is up to you.

Still, it's impossible to deny the growing importance of the mobile operating system given the market growth of smartphones and tablet devices. Most of us at iSmashPhone prefer iOS. It feels cleaner, and more user-friendly. It also feels more secure. That's just us, we won't start that debate right now.

Where Google Dominates

That said, there is one place where Google's platform destroys iOS. It's speech recognition. We've talked about it before when reviewing Android phones and we've pretty much brought it up anytime speech recognition on the iPhone is mentioned…it's just that bad. Google always recognizes us quickly, even with some outside noise. But it's strongest point? Integration with the OS.

That's right. Google has cleverly integrated their amazing speech recognition algorythms into their mobile operating system. Rather than having to type to search on your device or to use the Apps, you can quickly use the speech recognition feature to do this. It's much more difficult on the iPhone. You must use outside apps. They don't use Apple's built-in speech recognition software and they do a nice job of recognizing our input. The problem is that they are apps. We must download them and launch them to use the speech recognition software, then it starts becoming a mess that's more trouble than just typing something in from the start.

Google's 'Google Search' app for iOS is a nice tool. It uses the same speech recognition found on Android, and it nice for searches. It's probably one of the best ways we've seen. We can use the Google App, search for Best Buy, and ask it to Map it for us, at which point it jumps to the iPhone's "Maps" app, which offers maps provided by Google.


Is Apple Working On This?

Not everyone would say Apple invents. Though we can all agree that they popularize. They didn't invent the smartphone, they popularized it. They didn't invent the tablet, they popularized it, and so on. We are hearing that Apple has been working to acquire a company called Nuance. They specialize in speech recognition software. Unfortunately, reports say that Nuance's CEO is just as hard as Steve Jobs is when it comes to negotiations, so it may go nowhere. Still, Apple has Siri, which was acquired a little over a year ago. Will speech recognition be a major part of iOS 5? Perhaps. Apple has already seen how wonderfully it works for Android, and may be trying to do the same with iOS.

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