Supposed ‘iPhone 5G’ Case Shows Repositioned Camera Flash


The image above is supposedly an iPhone 5 case, or an iPhone 5G, as the website listing the case calls it. It shows a plastic case for what they claim is the next-generation of iPhone. Know now that the image of the iPhone itself is just a placeholder. That’s why it looks ugly. If there is any truth to that, the next iPhone will have an edge-to-edge screen. That’s similar to what the rumors have said in the past. What’s new, if this case is at all real, is that the flash has been repositioned. It now appears on the side opposite to the camera lens.

It’s difficult to tell the thickness of the phone based on the picture. Those who have been following along know that there have been two separate types of rumors about the handset. One set of rumors say that the iPhone will be completely redesigned, with a thinner, tapered body. The other rumors (which we tend to believe a bit more) say that it will look overall like an iPhone 4. Perhaps a bit thinner and it will have that larger screen. We can’t confirm any of it, we’re just taking a guess based on some of Apple’s past iPhone designs. For all we know, they may completely redesign the thing.

As for the images, those can’t even be confirmed at this point, but website Electronista says that it has happened before. Manufacturers illegally get their hands on the design blueprints for the device and start manufacturing cases. This actually has led to the arrest of Foxconn employees in the past, they add.

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