How to: The Apple Rumor Cycle

Each year it’s the same thing. Apple is working on a new iPhone or iPad. Each year, the rumors start coming, and we hear everything. 3D iDevices, HD cameras, new versions of iOS, new processors and NFC tech.

It’s all part of the Apple Rumor Cycle. It starts the day after Apple releases or announces their latest product. Everyone is already starting with rumors of the next one. Product development cycles overlap, and that’s why the rumors get to be messy sometimes, but we’ve put together our favorite Apple rumor cycles for your reading enjoyment. Know that we are diving into self-parody here by poking a little fun at blogs running news. Still, we try to call B.S. when we smell it.

Either way, here is the Apple rumor cycle:

Apple releases the latest iPhone – People cheer and line up at the Apple Store to be one of the first with the newest iPhone. Apple sells millions.

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New iPhone Rumors Emerge РThe blogs start speculating on next year‚Äôs iPhone. This usually begins with common sense stuff like ‚ÄúNext iPhone will be called the iPhone 6, will have A6 processor and be even FASTER.‚Äù Duh. Still, it runs like wildfire and everyone feels obligated to run it.


Website with no Sources Comes Up With News РSomewhere down the line, a website with zero credibility (It‚Äôs often some obscure blog tailored for SEO) will run something like ‚ÄúOur sources say that the next iPhone will have six cameras and will be available sometime this year.‚Äù Other times, sites will just cite ‚Äúan employee in the supply chain‚Äù which may just be some random factory worker saying whatever they feel like. The real news is traditionally gathered from within Apple and within other inside sources and confirmed through more than one source who has reason to be knowledgable about the situation.


Analyst Makes Prediction РAnalysts start to weigh in. Sometimes they have sources at factories. Other times, they just guess. Usually, their guesses are things that have already been running in the blogs, ‚ÄúiPhone 6 will feature A6 chip, sharper display.‚Äù It‚Äôs also based on current mobile trends and technology. Android phones tend to cost less, so an Analyst takes a shot in the dark and says a smaller, cheaper iPhone makes sense for Apple business-wise. It‚Äôs run by every blog and tech website around as near-fact.


Reading Between the Lines from Source РSteve Jobs gets an email: ‚ÄúSteve, what about the iPhone 7?‚Äù and he responds with something like, ‚ÄúNot happening yet.‚Äù Suddenly, it‚Äôs all over the internet because he said ‚Äúyet.‚Äù He didn‚Äôt say never, he said ‚Äúyet.‚Äù This usually makes its rounds and take it as confirmation of an iPhone 7 because it came straight from Steve. Authenticity of email often remains unconfirmed.

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Parts Suppliers РA company in Korea or a supplier in China will say that they are working on new tablet displays or new components for smart phones to debut ‚Äúnext year.‚Äù For tech blogs like us, this usually somehow gets around the internet as ‚ÄúSouth Korean manufacturer supplying Ultra-HD 3D displays for next iPhone.‚Äù


Actual Info from sources – This usually comes in the form of insiders. The bigger tech blogs will often have people on the inside hint at new features. These are the real nuggets of information. They provide a lot more information as to what is going on and when we can expect an update.


Apple Sends Out Press Invites РAll the major website, except for Gizmodo, get invited to a special event on June XX or whatever. There is usually a subtle hint like ‚ÄúSee what‚Äôs next‚Äù or ‚ÄúChanging the way we communicate‚Äù and it‚Äôs usually a not-so-subtle image, like a picture of a Home button or something similar. Enough to let you know that‚Äôs going on that day.

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Apple Announces the Newest iPhone РThe live blogs are rolling at full speed. Fans are hitting the refresh button, or following along a live feed. Steve Jobs introduces the next iPhone and announces a release date and features. He usually closes with ‚ÄúOne more thing‚Ķ‚Äù and it‚Äôs the big surprise part of the whole conference. Apple‚Äôs website is updated a short time after and people begin planning their campout at the Apple Store.


In the End

No matter the system, Apple always manages to throw in a surprise or two. Even then, the rumors keep coming in, and the last few days before the actual announcement, they tend to be about 70 percent correct. Usually in terms of specs and features. Apple will often throw in that extra little something to surprise us all.


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