Inside The Apple Rumor Tug o’ War


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Another fun render of the iPhone 5.

No company can make the rumors flare like Apple. We don’t know why. It just seems that many have strong opinions about Apple. There are many out there who practically see Apple products as a lifestyle, and then there are those who loathe everything Apple. They just can’t stand it. Perhaps it’s those two opposing views that always cause so much noise when a new Apple product is announced. Everyone wants to have their say.

What’s probably most amazing about Apple rumors and news is that Apple doesn’t even have to do anything. Nothing. Nada. They can just keep workin’ on their next iPhone and because we have all picked up on their yearly refresh schedule, we speculate about what’s to come.

Lately, the iPhone 5 rumors have been the loudest. Which is expected. We thought it would be interesting to take a look at the tug o’ war that’s going on with Apple’s iPhone rumors.


1) NFC? No. Yes. No, maybe not. Do we know?

This rumor has been going around since about midway through last year. We heard that Apple was hiring NFC experts. This led people to believe that they would be including NFC technology in their upcoming iPhone. Then, we heard it wasn’t happening. Later, we heard it was. At this point, we’ve lost track of where that rumor stands.


2) iPhone 5, or iPhone 4S?

What’s this model called? The iPhone 5? The iPhone 4S? We last time we jokingly said that it depends on the day of the week. That may not be far from the truth. Some call it the iPhone 5 and others call it the iPhone 4S, we just chose 5 for simplicity’s sake, because it’s the 5th generation iPhone. We’ve heard both though.


3) Looks like an iPhone 4. No, it’s a new design.

We also keep hearing back and forth rumors about the design. Many say it looks like an iPhone 4. Other rumors say it’s thinner. We heard today that it’s thinner and lighter. We wouldn’t be surprised if by tomorrow we are hearing that those words were taken out of context. That also goes for the no Home Button rumor and the curved glass rumor. In a nutshell, they go back and forth between looking like an iPhone 4 and being a totally new design.

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4) September for sure. Maybe. Might be October. When?

It’s not known right now when Apple will actually announce the iPhone 5, but it’s likely that it will get a September reveal. Now, we keep hearing the release date bounce around. Some say that the new iPhone will hit in September, not long after the announcement, perhaps a week or two. The other rumor  says October. We’re not sure when it’s happening, but September and October both sound like easy launch dates. We are just going to guess and go with October.


What’s Real, and What’s Not?

None of us really know. Apple does, and we’re sure that a select few of their business partners do. The rest of us just have the rumors to go by. The problem this time around is that the rumors aren’t nearly as simple as they used to be. They bounce back and forth. A lot. Perhaps one of the best things we can all do is just sit back and wait.

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