The Electronic House Home of the Year is iOS-Driven


Wow. This is a nice place. No, it's not just the whole iOS-controlled…everything. Seriously, according to website Electronic House, everything in this home in controlled. Not just the thermostat and the lights, but various appliances as well as the shower settings are all part of this automated home. Heck, there is even something that lets you know when the crapper is out of toilet paper.

Check this out: The mom of the house, Angie, just gets dressed and taps a button in her walk-in closet. When she's finished getting dressed, she walks down to the laundry room and her iron is already pre-heated. Apparently the home interior is designed by Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out (some TV show we've never watched, and would probably be fine keeping it that way).

The family also calls themselves "Apple Fiends" saying that they own eight iPads, eight iPhones and four iPod touches. That's a lot of iPads, but it's all part of their setup. Everything is controlled by their iDevices. Their control system hasn't changed how the devices work, either, says Electronic House. They still use them for iTunes, the internet and other Apps.

But these folks are pretty well off, as if you can't tell that already. They had 400 friends over for an open house around Christmas and had music playing through the entire house. 10 displays, including a 110-inch Vutec screen in their media room.

Well, it's a nice home. We're workin' on making our home just as automated. It all started with this cool thermostat we picked up. We already have some iPads and iPhones, we're sure we will get there soon enough.

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