Chrome OS Day: 5 Things We Learned at Google I/O Day 2


Yesterday, we posted about things we learned at Google I/O Day One. It’s day two now, and there is plenty to of information coming from Google. Let’s take a look at the stuff that came out of Day 2 of Google I/O. Today it’s all about Google Chrome Hit the jump to read on.


1) Google TV

Google TV is getting the Honeycomb (Android 3.0) update this Summer. We will also be seeing apps designed for use with Google TV. An example of this may be an application that lets you play a game on your Google TV while using the screen of your Android phone or tablet for another function, perhaps a controller. It has a new UI, but no specifics were mentioned.


2) Chromebook

Chrome OS is finally going to be available on laptops, Chromebooks. Some may remember seeing Chrome OS a while back with a prototype computer used mainly to show off the software. It looks like Google now has an official Chrome-running computer. Samsung and Acer both have Chromebooks on the way, and they look pretty simple. It’s also been confirmed that Gmail, Google Calendar and Docs will all work offline. The pricing is interesting, it’s said that it will be priced at $28 per user per month for business and $20/month for students. They say it includes software and hardware upgrades. We’re interested in seeing how this model plays out. There will be 3G and wifi models.

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3) Chromebox

Little was said about Chromebox. Basically it’s just a desktop computer with Chrome OS. From the looks of it, the computer seems to be about the size of a Mac Mini, but it could be smaller. It’s hard to gauge size based on a single image.



4) New Chrome Features

Chrome OS now has some additional features. It’s getting a file manager and a simple media player for audio and video. The buttons of the file manager will also change to fit the application you are using, Gizmodo reports. Then there is the offline features, which will make the computer more useful if you happen to be out of the range of an internet connection.


Chrome OS Day

It looks like most of Google’s I/O event day two was about Chrome OS. The Chrombook, the Chromebox and some of the new features of Chrome OS. It will be interesting to see how a cloud-based system does. There is a lot of trust being placed in Google for someone using a Chrome OS device as they will likely be using Google Docs, email, calendars and cloud storage all provided by Google.


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