4 Things to Know About Playboy for iPad


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We've all heard that Playboy is coming to iPad. We've also learned a few other things, and it's not exactly clear how it will be happening. Some of the finer details were confirmed by Hugh Hefner himself, via Twitter. For now, let's take a look at what we do know.

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1) When does it launch?

According to Hef, Playboy will become available for the iPad on May 18th, 2011. This is Wednesday of next week. Here's what he had to say:

Playboy will be available on iPad, complete & uncensored, on May 18.


2) Uncensored?

 That's what it says. Uncensored. Of course Playboy, despite being a mature magazine, isn't what we'd consider sleazy. Sure, there are nude women, but it's to a different degree when compared to some of the other publications. The article joke always comes up as well, but it's actually not a bad magazine when it comes to those, either.


3) Will it be available on the App Store?

 That remains unclear at this point. It doesn't seem entirely likely given Apple's policies. They won't budge for anyone as far as we know, no matter how big or small. Most believe that it will be a web app with archives of every issue of Playboy ever published. This sounds more likely, and easier to get around Apple's restrictions since they don't control web content. This would also mean that Playboy can bypass Apple's 30 percent cut.


4) Price?

This is the best part. Hefner is no idiot. The magazine is being offered at $8 per month. We understand that over a year, this may seem like a lot, but consider the fact that you have access to the entire archive. Every magazine they have published is available when you want it, so long as you have an internet connection. This was something he mentioned a while back as well:

I.Playboy.com gives readers access to every issue–from first to last–for $8 a month.

That's not too bad when you consider how much most other magazines run. Like Time's $5 an issue, which becomes $20 a month, or the same price as you'd find it at newsstands.


Much Better Deal

Many publishers still don't get it. Time Magazine may be great, but who wants to pay newsstand price for the digital issue? Playboy will run $8 a month. That adds up to more than the paper edition, but again, you get access to the full archive, which is many, many years of magazines.

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