5 Things to Know About Sony’s Tablets


Sony recently announced two Android tablets. The S1 and the S2. Unfortunately, they were overshadowed by Sony’s PlayStation Network outage news and the announcement that users’ data had been compromised. Anything else Sony had to say that day, even if it was a different branch of the consumer electronics giant, was largely ignored as the company scrambled to do damage control for the PSN mess.

1) Two Tablets, Not Just One

Typically, a company releases more than one tablet model. Still, even when they do that, the tablets are largely similar as far as being tablets is concerned. They are between 7- to 9.7-inches. The smaller model is usually a bit slower and has a few less features. In this case, Sony has done something different. Both models are completely different as far as design goes.


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2) S1 – 9.4 Inch Tablet

The first tablet is the S1. It’s what you’d expect of a tablet more or less. About 10-inches in size, flat on one side with a touchscreen. Tough it does have an interesting tapered design, which may actually make for a comfortable grip. It’s actually quite pleasant-looking, as shown above.

  This image described by Android, Sony, Android 3.0, Honeycomb, PlayStation, S1, S2, 1This image described by Android, Sony, Android 3.0, Honeycomb, PlayStation, S1, S2, 2

3) S2 – Clamshell Design

This is more clever than we originally thought. Our first thought was, “meh.” After looking at it again, and seeing it closed up, it looks pretty cool. It’s two 5.5-inch screens, so that it’s roughly the size of a regular tablet when flipped open. Then, it can be folded shut. This means it’s easy to tuck away in a pocket while at the same time protecting your screens. Like a Nintendo DS with no buttons.

4) Android Honeycomb and PlayStation Certified

These tablets are running on Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). What’s also neat is that it’s PlayStation certified. This means that it can play certain PlayStation-branded games, and carries a PlayStation branding. The brand may not currently be seen in the most positive light given the PSN situation. Still, playing PlayStation games on any Android device sounds nice.


5) Wifi, 3G and 4G on Both Tablets

It’s not surprising to see wifi and 3G on a tablet these days. 4G isn’t yet as common, but it’s becoming the standard. ¬†While the wifi model is a standard, the cellular models are optional. Of course 4G will only be available in areas where there is 4G service.


Anything Else?

Unfortunately, we can’t say when it will release. Sony doesn’t seem to know. Furthermore, there is no set price on the tablets, either. That’s pretty lame, but expected as we’ve seen so many tablets be announced and not even have so much as a release date or price. Oh well.

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