4 Things to Know About the New Cydia Alternative



Those who jailbreak their devices will soon have a new way to shop for non-Apple approved Apps. That's the word coming from the makers of this new browser-based app store. Think of it as an alternative to Cydia, which is simply a place for those with jailbroken devices to get applications that didn't get the Apple blessing.

Let's take a look at what we know about it so far.


1) Who's Behind it?

Infini Dev Team is behind this project. They are known for Icy. Still, it's cool that there are more developer groups working to make jailbreaking useful for iDevice owners. The more choices we have, the better.


2) How's it Work?

This app store is browser-based. Applications will be both free and paid. Unlike Cydia, this all runs within your Mobile Safari browser. What's nice is that the browser is fast and easy to use for anyone with an iPhone and the interface is something they are already familiar with. It's reported that this is also repository-based. Website BGR notes that it will feature an integrated backup and restore system that will make it easy for users who upgrade and re-jailreak to re-isntall their software.


3) What's it called?

The new app store is called Lima. It looks to be promising if the above video and what we've heard so far is any indication.

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4) What about Cydia?

That's a separate app store and this is its competition. It's going to be a long, uphill battle if Lima wants to be the biggest jailbreak app store. Still, as long as there are different services available, consumers will like it. We are sure that both will be great and each of the three app stores: the official Apple App Store, Cydia and Lima will have enough for everybody.


Where do you shop for apps?


Where do you do your app shopping? Do you stick to Apple's official storefront? Do you also go to Cydia? Somewhere else? Interested in another mobile app store like Lima? Let us know in the comments.

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