Thinking of Amazon Trade-ins? Here’s a Rundown of What You Can Get Back

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Amazon today announced their trade-in program for used electronics. It’s kind of a win-win situation for everyone. Amazon buys stuff you don’t want, you get some money for it and someone else buys it at a lower price than they normally would. Why don’t we take a look at what we can get for trading in our iDevices? All of these are considering your device works and is in “like new” condition, of course. It’s also worth knowing that Amazon trade-ins work best if you go for a gift card. This is standard for trade-ins as companies want you to spend money with them. Still, let’s take a look at Amazon’s trade-in credit. Again, if you opt for the maximum amount, you will get a gift card. The following are the Amazon trade-in values we found after some searching around.





iPhone 2nd Gen 4GB – $69

iPhone 2nd Gen 8GB – $86


iPhone 3G 8GB – $118

iPhone 3G 16GB – $153


iPhone 3GS 16GB – $235

iPhone 3GS 32GB – $242


Interestingly, the iPhone 4 value changes depending on carrier as well. For instance, the 16GB AT&T iPhone 4 trades in for more than the 32GB Verizon model. The phone’s color does not make a difference.

iPhone 4 16GB – (Verizon) – $373

iPhone 4 16GB (AT&T) – $402

iPhone 4 32GB (Verizon) – $398

iPhone 4 32GB (AT&T) – $480


iPad 1st Gen

iPad 16GB wifi – $235

iPad 32GB wifi – $288

iPad 64GB wifi – $340.75


iPad 16GB wifi + 3G – $258.50

iPad 32GB wifi + 3G – $305.50

iPad 64GB wifi + 3G – $417.25



iPad 2

iPad 2 16GB wifi – $330

iPad 2 32GB wifi – $390

iPad 2 64GB wifi – $499.25

(Just in case you’re wondering, iPad 3G will fetch you the same amount regardless of carrier)

iPad 2 16GB wifi + 3G – $441.25

iPad 2 32GB wifi + 3G – $520.75

iPad 2 64GB wifi + 3G – $540


iPod touch

iPod touch 16GB 1G – $67.50


iPod touch 2G 8GB – $67.50

iPod touch 2G 16GB – $74

iPod touch 2G 32GB – $93.50


iPod touch 4G 8GB – $106

iPod touch 4G 32GB – $143.25

iPod touch 4G 64GB – $192



Is it a deal?

Some of these trade-in values aren’t bad. The downside is that to get the maximum amount, you must trade for an Amazon gift card. That’s not terrible, given that you can buy almost anything on Amazon. The problem is that you are limited to their store. As we mentioned, of course they want you shop there.

It’s also worth noting that you may be able to get a little more by selling your gadget rather than trading it in, but the convenience of a quick trade-in may be worth the monetary difference for some people.





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