This Girl Loves Her White iPhone 4



This girl obviously has some followers. We don't know much about her other than she has a fair amount of views. It's funny, and no one seems to mind all that much. Heck, even the Apple Store employees cheer at one point. It's geeky, it's cute, she's happy about her iPhone and it looks like she will be using it for days to come. She definitely has more cahones than us to be dancing at the Apple Store on camera to some polka-type beat. We'd just quietly accept our new iPhone and walk out the the store without saying much. This girl isn't having that. Well, whatever make you happy, we always say.

Oh, and she dedicated the dance to Steve Jobs. Maybe he will see it. Now, if he'll post a video of himself dancing, that would be something.

The road to a release for a White iPhone 4 has been a long one filled with disappointments, as you can see in a recent post we wrote about scheduled release dates and cancelled launches leading up to the white iPhone 4. While the handset is nearly a year old, it seems that some users are still happy to pick it up. That's cool, but we'd definitely be interested in seeing how well it does overall.

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