Time Inc. and Apple Enter Deal – Free Access To Print Editions Over iPad

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Two of the biggest names in the digital industry, Apple and Time Inc., are voiced to have inked a deal, allowing subscribers access to Time's print editions over the iPad for free of charge. The deal which took over a month to finalize, was initially focussed on paid subscription models but now rolls in access for print subscribers too.

Almost a year back, the two companies had reached an agreement for People but kept Time's other titles distanced from the agreement till date.

In an announcement, Monday would welcome a brand new day for subscribers to Sports Illustrated, Fortune and Time Magazines. Subscribers would now be able to access iPad editions via the apps, with Apple delivering a display point and the publishers, besides rolling in news, would also authenticate the identity of subscribers.

Till date, Time Inc.'s People Magazine subscribers had to pay separately to read publications over the iPad. While the deal is voiced to have finalized, according to a report, Time and Apple remain in disagreement over plans to offer digital subscriptions to iPad editions. A source revealed that Apple remains on course to collect 30% of all subscription revenue.

The deal is expected to complete somewhere this summer, surely with some fruitful results.

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