Watchlater: How to Watch Streaming Video Offline on the iPad

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Streaming video is the wave of the future, and devices like the iPad are become staples because of their ability to handle it in service specific ways.  The only problem here is that they usually do not have the ability to have consistently reliable connections, even if it is a 3G-enabled iPad model.  What this can do is prevent you from having the ability to watch a video right when you want, or set it up to watch it later once you‚Äö√Ñ√¥ve found it.  That may not matter now that a new iPad app has created a system to keep your streaming selections saved for later.

The new app Watchlater, which costs $2.99 right off the bat at the iTunes App Store, allows you to use a bookmark system so that you can watch videos later on.  The idea here is that you can cache, with certain sites, so that the video will be saved for a time when you are not actually online.  You will then be able to go into your Watchlater app on your iPad and watch the video, even if you are out of range. 

It needs to be said that this will not work this way with all sites, and YouTube is immediately out because of its cache prohibition.  There are twenty video platforms that you are able to use right now like Vimeo and TED Talks, and if the service works well then this could jump to begin to increase exponentially in a very short period of time. 

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The cache itself is not going to be free for iPad users.  There is an internal purchasing system, similar to what has been seen in iPhone games like the text based MMO RPGs, that allows you to purchase cache that is used to save content.  You are given the option to buy 300 minute time blocks for $2.99, which is completely reasonable seeing as to what this service can do.  Once you use the cache in Watchlater it has been used, even if you end up deleting it from your queue.

What the Watchlater iPad app represents is the first step to really moving forward with what the iPad can do as a media device.  Imagine filling up your cache before a flight so that you have videos to watch the entire time, or filling up a queue so that you can show friends the same videos.  This is likely only the first instance of this type of software, so you can expect more on the way.

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