The Differences Between the White iPhone 4 and the Black iPhone 4?

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The White iPhone 4 has been available for almost a week at this point. It's already becoming apparent that there are a few differences. Of course there is the most obvious. Then there are a few of the smaller differences that are virtually impossible to notice at a glance, or without taking the thing apart. Let's take a look at some of the differences between the two iPhone models.

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1) First the Ridiculously Obvious

The White iPhone 4 is, well…white. The original iPhone 4 is black. Easy enough. We hope. Still, the history of this device is extensive. Perhaps more so than it should be. We saw several announcements and delays. There were rumors, and more waits. Finally, it was released. Still, the most interesting part of the new iPhone is learning about it's history of delays and reading about why they happened.


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Image from Macotakara

2) Rear Camera Slightly Modified

 The White iPhone 4 has a slightly modified camera. Reports note that it's the same quality camera, but that it's adjusted so that it can better take pictures, which seemed to give the device problems thanks to the white body of the device. While we can't confirm that it's related to those supposed problems, it's one of the only things we can pin it on. That leads us to the next difference.


3) Proximity Sensor

The proximity sensor has also been adjusted. This makes sense, because the lighter casing that makes up the White iPhone 4 may be more sensitive to light, which directly affects how the proximity sensor operates. This could lead to the iPhone's screen turning on and accidental input had the proximity sensor not been fixed to accommodate the new color.


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Image Consumer Reports

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Image Engadget

4) Disputed – White iPhone 4 Thicker Than the Black iPhone 4

This one is disputed. Consumer Reports measures saying that the iPhones are the same thickness. However, some sits seem to show that there is a difference in thickness. How is that possible? Website MacRumors speculates that it may be a quality control issue. Perhaps they had a first run of devices and they were a little bit thicker than the original model. It's difficult to say. However, Apple says they are the same thickness. We're sure they are meant to be and agree that it may just be a short run issue.



The White iPhone and its counterpart are not all that different. Aside from the color scheme. The camera and the proximity sensor will likely go unnoticed on the user end. The thickness, again, that's not confirmed at this point. Was it just an early run of thicker white iPhone 4 units, or are people measuring wrong? We don't have one in our hands, so we can't say. We just have to run with the reports and say that it remains disputed.


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