Will Airlines Begin Moving Towards iPad for Flight Manuals?


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Alaska Airlines recently announced that they will be doing away with paper flight manuals and replacing them with iPads instead. They will be the first major US airline to go digital with their manuals. We've already heard of the iPad being used for education as well as for city council meetings and even in hospitals.

While some may debate whether or not the cost is justified, it's said that aside from paper saved, the fuel savings will pay off. We aren't flight experts, but we've read that airlines take weight into consideration and that less weight saves them lots of money over time as it cuts back on fuel use. They add that there will be "fewer back and muscle injuries" as well. Pilots must carry around their flight bags, which reportedly can weigh up to 50 pounds. Heck, if they pick up a few iPad 2s, that's even less weight.


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