Windows Phone 7: 5 Things We Learned About Microsoft’s “Mango”


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Let be known that while we are fine with Windows Phone 7, we hate Mango, as in the fruit.

Today we learned new details about Microsoft’s Mango. Mango is the name for the company’s latest Windows Phone 7 update. It’s going to be available later this year. Today, during their TechEd 2011 conference, Microsoft announced the details on the new build of their growing mobile OS.


1) Multitasking

Microsoft is bringing multitasking with Mango. This is a feature that was missing the first time around and is almost necessary in smartphones these days. Users want to be able to switch between applications on the fly.

2) Xbox LIVE improvements

Deeper integration with Xbox LIVE. Xbox LIVE was always touted as a part of Windows Phone 7. This update will let users check out their Xbox Hub within the application and from the sounds of it is an experience closer to the console version.

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3) Conversation Threads in Outlook

This was something that became popular with Gmail and later came to iOS. This means that emails within a conversation thread, such as replies back and forth are kept together. This helps to reduce inbox clutter.


4) Geared for Enterprise

This latest version of Windows Phone 7 is designed to support enterprise as well. They have support for more complex passwords and they even offer support for access to hidden wifi networks used by businesses.


5) Lands This Fall

No date was set, but Windows Phone 7 is expected to hit this fall. Users will be able to connect their phone to their computer and download the update, much like they do when a new version of iOS comes around for iPhone users. We’re sure a real date will be announced as the release draws near. Perhaps Microsoft will do their best to take the spotlight away from Apple a bit as the iPhone 5 is rumored to be ready for a fall release.


Windows Phone 7 is Shaping Up to be Something

Currently, Windows Phone 7 isn’t a bad OS. It’s still in its early stages, and things need to be improved. That’s something that can be said about any operating system. Unfortunately, it’s an endless cycle of updates and features and fixes and raised expectations from users. It doesn’t end. That said, Windows Phone 7 got a solid start. It just needs to continue to shine.

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