Analyst Doesn’t Believe Apple Will Release 2 iPhone Models This Year

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Cheaper iPhones? We'll see…

Recently, an analyst claimed that Apple will release two iPhones this year, and iPhone 4S and the long-awaited iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S would be a lower-end model, and only a slight update to the current iPhone 4, perhaps even suited for the pre-paid market.

Well, further showing that we all know absolutely nothing about the next iPhone, another analyst has said that this will not be the case. BMO Capital's Keith Bachman said in his investor notes (via AppleInsider), "we believe that the 3GS will be the low-end iPhone."

This isn't the first we've heard of a lower-priced iPhone. Other analysts have speculated similar things, and we've heard many rumors in the past of a smaller, more affordable iPhone. While they have no doubt looked into ways to reduce prices (they've done so in the past, anyone remember $599?). Still, Apple always drops the price of their older model when the new device comes in. As for a contract-free iPhone at a low cost? Who knows. The prepaid market is there in some territories.

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