Analyst Expects Apple to Launch Both iPhone 4S and iPhone 5

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Could Apple release a pre-paid iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 this year? One brave analyst, Chris Whitmore of Deutsche Banks, is betting on both handsets to be unveiled this year (via Fortune).

The reasoning is that Apple needs a "mid-range"  phone that fits into the $300-500 price range, especially "with Nokia and RIMM struggling." Whitmore says that the new iPhone could mean a device for the pre-paid market. For instance, a $350 unlocked iPhone 4S with prepaid voice, the analyst argues, would "drive significantly greater penetration." He adds that there is a big market for those pre-paid phones. The chart above shows how prepaid phones are more popular in many areas than their pospaid counterparts.

iPhone 4S or iPhone 5? The next iPhone is still a device surrounded by rumor and speculation. We've been referring to it as both the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. No one knows which is correct. Except for maybe Apple, and that's only if they've settled on a name at this point.

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