Android Market: Find Out if That App Will Work on Your Phone

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The Android OS may have democratization when compared to the authoritarian rule that Apple holds over the App Store and iOS, but this has also presented its major weakness.  Through fragmentation and a lack of standardization you often have a lack of quality, and it is not always clear whether or not the app that you want is even compatible on your specific phone. 

This is much different than the iOS, which really only has a single phone that is works on and therefore all available apps are essentially compatible.  One new development is hoping to remedy this Android problem by helping you figure out what is what.

The Android Market website is a localization app store that allows a great deal of information about each individual app, which is a format that seems oddly comparable to Apple's iTunes App Store.  Here you will be able to select a specific app and recieve not only the basic information about its contents, but also the specifics of what Android version you will be able to run it on. 

This is really only the surface of the Android Market as the main feature of this is Google's tool to figure out it your relevant device is compatible.  This is done by signing in with your Google account and then seeing if your phone is going to work on the app you are inspecting, which will finally put an end to the frantic test of your downloaded app to see if you need to return it within fifteen minutes.

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