Apple Doesn’t Have to Show Samsung iPad 3 and iPhone 5

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In the ongoing patent infringement battle between Apple and Samsung, each side asked the other to see the other's upcoming products. Florian Mueller at FOSS Patents looked further into the case, and found that Apple will not have to show Samsung their next-gen iDevices, the iPad 3 and the iPhone 5, specifically.

Here's what Mueller wrote about the judge's decision:

"The good news for Apple is that Samsung's motion is denied at least for the time being. This comes as little surprise.

It was all too obvious that Samsung was comparing apples to bananas: Apple's request for expedited discovery was far more justified (in terms of a need to evaluate the requested material) and far less prejudicial (as Apple only requested products of which samples were already circulating, in the case of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 including 5,000 samples handed out at a Google developer conference) than Samsung's related motion."

Samsung will have to show Apple their products, as requested. However, he adds that Apple may not get the preliminary injunction against the sale of the Samsung products mentioned in the complaint.

There is plenty more detail available at in the blog post from Mueller, who specializes in the intellectual property stuff.

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