Apple Jumps From 186 To 200 Mobile Carriers – Higher Sales For iPhone

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Nevertheless to say, every gadget or smartphone manufacturer depends on its partner to imrpove and record great number of sales. I remember mentioning this point in a recent post of mine that mobile phone carriers should be praised as they play a major role in sales.

Apple seems to be working hard in order to keep the iPhone sales in a strong demand regardless when, how and what the next version of the device would enter the market.

So how come Apple seems to be not so worried? The Cupertino-based gadget giant is seen adding a lot of new carriers abroad. The only part where Apple needs to be worried, is on those customers who are holding their money in their pockets for the release of the next version, the iPhone 5.

An analyst told:

There has been some investor angst over how near-term iPhone shipments could trend if the iPhone is not refreshed until late this year. But we believe bears are failing to consider the continued underlying demand momentum for the iPhone 4, its international strength, and most important, continued carrier expansion.

Would you believe, Apple has expanded the number of iPhone carriers to 200 from 186. A jump of 14 new customer bases which would contribute to a healthy number of sales. This suggests that the carrier is surely aiming towards expansion and we might see a delay in iPhone shipments in certain parts of the world.

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