Apple Not Going to Samsung for the A6?

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Will Apple turn away from Samsung for their next-gen mobile processor?

Website Ars Technica has a juicy rumor for you to digest. As you may know, Apple and Samsung haven’t been all that friendly lately. Now, Ars reports that Apple may not turn to Samsung for their next-gen ARM SoCs, or as regular people call them, the A6. If the information is accurate, Apple will go with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) for their next mobile processor.

The partnership between Apple and TSMC was originally reported earlier this year, just before the A5-equipped iPad 2 was announced and released. This was also before Apple and Samsung got into their currently ongoing legal spat over Samsung devices that Apple says infringe on their patented designs.

If all this is true, your iPad 3 and iPhone 6 will be loaded with TSMC’s chips.


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