Apple Will Let You Download Lion From Their Stores

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Lion is a beefy, 4GB download, we've read, so may really have to set aside some time to download it. With the OS update being download-only, we wondered what would happen to some of those users with slower connections or have to worry about bandwidth caps. Would Apple offer a USB stick similar to what shipped with the MacBook Air? Definitely doesn't sound like the case. The good news? If you live near an Apple Store, you can download there.

As Cult of Mac says, this may lead to some very funny situations with users hauling in their Mac Pros and iMacs trying to figure out where to plug them in, etc, as handfuls of Mac owners wander in to the store. We don't know if it will get that bad. Most of us who use a computer enough to find the update necessary have high speed internet. Casual users may not be concerned with updating to Lion. We again use my Mom as the example. Her internet connection is so-so. She doesn't use her computer enough to care to upgrade it. She probably doesn't even know Lion is on the way, and even if she did, she probably wouldn't care much.


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