Are Mac App Store Outages Related to iCloud?

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Hop on the cloud, the iCloud.

Users have been reporting widespread issues with the iTunes Store and the App Store throughout the day. Though the reason for the problems isn't known, many sites are speculating that they may be caused by Apple's preparations for their upcoming iCloud service. Again, that's just speculation going on around the internet. We've also heard that iCloud streaming will not be available Monday when the service is detailed. However, that does not mean that some other features of iCloud will not be immediately available. Perhaps online storage and transfer of files as well as current MobileMe features.

Website MacRumors says that "such preparations could involve the company shifting content around such as to its North Carolina data center," which they say can cause problems with access to the storefronts. Of course they also mention that it could all be regular problems going on with the network and not at all related to the new services or products. Oh, how Apple can stir up the rumors without even doing anything.

Well, we will know more when Worldwide Developers Conference '11 (WWDC) hits. Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be detailing iOS 5 (which powers the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch) as well as Mac OS X Lion and of course iCloud.

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