Basic iPhone Tips: Changing the Email Signature on Your iPhone

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Integrating Communication

For those who are intending on utilizing their iPhone for almost all types of distance communication the synthesis of the phone and email is crucial. The iPhone is one of the first phones that really make sending email through a mobile useful. One of the more annoying default settings in the iPhone is the signature that says “Sent From My iPhone.” Many people still feel as though an email sent from a phone is less professional and sincere, and therefore a little bit of process anonymity is needed. Instead of letting everyone know that you have join the hipster “i” culture you might want to change this up.


Changing iPhone Email Signature

If you want to change this, there is an easy process to get it done. Go into the Settings options that are built in and then go to the Email, Contacts and Calendar option. Go ahead and select the Signature option from the available list. A new text option opens up with the “Sent from my iPhone” option in the window. Now you can go ahead and delete it or press the Clear button in the upper right hand corner. Here you can write a satisfactory signature, even pressing return to go to the next line. This is useful if you want to have several lines of information. Once you are satisfied with your message, go ahead and hit the Mail arrow button in the upper left hand corner to go back to the Email, Contacts and Calendar menu. Now your new signature will be saved in and will appear on all emails.

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Making Choices

If you do not use a signature on your normal emails, you may not want to use one from your iPhone either. This will make it obvious that you are sending an email from another source. If you are intent on applying a signature, make it simple such as your name and professional title. You may want to include your email address, phone number, cell number and fax number if this is a business email account. If it is a personal account, you may want to limit the information.

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