Bathing in Blood: Vampires Bloodlust Review

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New and Improved

Zynga really came out of left field when they brought their MySpace hit game Mafia Wars to the iPhone. Mafia Wars proved to be just the incarnation we needed to spice up the growing genre. Sure, it was really just retread of the ground established by iMafia and iMob Online, but it did it so well it was hard to notice. Animations and sound effects, not to mention a design that was a luxury to work with, all came together in an experience that was above par. In their effort to create a vampire inspired text-based iPhone RPG they have gone along the same route, and though Vampires: Bloodlust is on the better end of the spectrum it still feels a little traveled.

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Solid Design

Just as with Mafia Wars, and all text-based iPhone RPGs, you combine missions, fighting, and item gain. You perform missions for money and experience, use the money to buy abilities from the Bazaar and Minions to drain of blood, and Recruit to add to your Clan. The Clan requires you to invite other Vampires: Bloodlust players to join you so you can win at fights and do upper level missions. The size of your Vampires: Bloodlust Clan is really one of the main deciding factors to your success within the community, along with how much blood and ability you can gain while keeping your level down. Everything here is pretty standard, except for a nice flavor of animation and sound effects. The effects can get a little annoying when you are playing in mass, so you can easily just turn the ringer down to avoid this.


Just Passes

There is not a lot new here, but just enough to recommend Vampires: Bloodlines over similar titles. The gameplay will remain satisfying and using the Vampires: Bloodlust Player ID system without being forced to accept each invitation makes the process of building a Clan even easier. If you liked Mafia Wars you will like Vampires: Bloodlines fine, and if you have been looking for a vampire inspired text based RPG for your iPhone then this will likely be a good choice.  The reality is that the text based iPhone MMO RPG craze has slowed down quite a bit, and Zynga has moved on to other titles such as Farmville and Hanging With Friends.  This can still be integrated, though there will likely be fewer players than there were previously and you can expect less updates that would have come a year ago.  The title has not had an update since March, but you can expect it to maintain since there has been a committed playership and Zynga has longevity as a mobile and social networking gaming company.


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