Beat The Holiday Rush: How To Install iOS 5 Right Now! (NoN Authorized Way)

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Jeez, iOS 5 is still months away from an official release, and the hackers are already having a field day with it.  Yesterday, we told you how the Dev-Team had jailbroken it on a tethered iPod Touch 4G.  Now comes word that Gizmodo reader Mert Erdir has figured out how to be the first kid on your block to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 5:

  1. Fire up your favorite torrent client, then locate and download the iOS 5 ISPW file.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.  Click on the “Check for Update” button — but when you do, make sure your Shift or Option key is pressed, depending on whether you’re a Wintel or Mac kinda person.  This will let you navigate to and select the ISPW file you just downloaded.
  3. Wait for the install to complete.  A “new activation” screen will appear.
  4. Triple-click the Home button to activate the Voice Over.
  5. Triple-click the Home button again.  This brings up Emergency Call.
  6. Click on Emergency Call.  While it’s switching, perform a three-finger downward swipe.
  7. The Notification Center will appear.  Click on the Weather widget to load the Weather app, then click the home button to return to the iPhone springboard.  You’re activated!

Erdir also made a handy video explaining the process.

As always, proceed with the understanding of Not Responsible/Your Mileage May Vary.

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