Calling Ahead for Reservations: Red Box Review

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Vend Me a Movie

The Red Box is touted as one of the greatest revolutions in home entertainment, even though it does not compare to the new streaming video enterprises. At the same time, it has brought DVD rental to the speed of a vending machine in the model that has been so popular in Europe for most of the last decade.

You will often see one peeking outside your favorite supermarket or fast food joint calling you with its touch screens. The selections are always limited, the prices are always cheap, and if you keep it for two weeks, it may overdraft your bank account. Still, it is the most convenient way to rent DVDs today.

Now the brand tries to extend its image of continuity by creating a free iPhone application. You may already be asking yourself what service they could possibly bring to the iPhone. The answer to this question may not be what you are looking for, but it is an interesting solution.

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Red Box Locator and Reservations

The biggest problem with this DVD rental service is that they often have a small number of a certain movie and it will likely not be there when you arrive to rent. What the free iPhone application does is give you a list of new releases and previous releases that are in the system. You can then select a movie to get a profile on it.

Once you are on that profile in the Red Box iPhone app you are given the option to find if it is available in your area. You enter the relevant information and it will find the company's rental stations in your area and tell you which ones have it. You then have the ability to get a map directly to that location or reserve it remotely, which will require you to become a member.

Get the Application

This is a very simple free iPhone application with limited features, but the one it does have is near brilliant.  The Red Box iPhone app marks a very clear method for this new video service to implement its brand and service into the mobile framework.  Just as Hulu Plus and Netflix iPhone apps did for their service, the Red Box iPhone app will make this new kiosk format the standard for DVD rental. If you do not normally use the Red Box then the application may just inspire you to. This solves most of the problems with the service, now we have to see if the reservation system will render almost all great movies gone still.

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