Eminent Domains: Apple Stages A (Dot-)Complete Lockdown

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iOS 5 and iCloud may have gotten the lion's share of attention at WWDC, but that could also be just what Apple wanted.  Behind the stage curtain, the House of Jobs was scooping up themed domain names left and right.

So far, 50 domains have been identified as being registered to Apple.  Themes include iOS 5 (appleiosv.com, ios5newsstand.com), the cloud (appleicloudphotostream.com, itunesinthecloud.com), finger swipes (applegestures.com, osxliongestures.com), and even a few domains that are reminiscent of dubious ad banners (pcfreeipad.com, pcfreeiphone.com).

Even assuming the House of Jobs didn't cheap out and secure all this site names at GoDaddy, it's fair to assume this spending spree didn't cost 'em anywhere near the reported four 'n' a half meeellion bucks they spent to secure icloud.com.  (Never mind the fact that ipad.com and ipods.com are still in the hands of cybersquatters…)

[The full list can be seen at TechCrunch]

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