Ever Wonder Why the Thunderbolt Cable Costs $50?


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A few days ago Apple finally started selling Thunderbolt cables. They're 50 bucks. One one hand, we remember paying quite a bit for USB and Firewire when those technologies were emerging (it was a while back, so we don't remember exactly how much). However, Thunderbolt is actually noted as a "smart" cable with firmware, according to a report from Ars Technica

Well, website iFixit wanted to see for themselves, so they pulled it apart, as they do many things, and they've found that the Thunderbolt cable actually has some components that make it more costly to produce than other cables. Here's a bit from iFixit's teardown:

All in all, Apple’s $50 cable contained a total of 12 larger, inscribed chips, and tons of smaller electronic components.

So, yeah. That cable has quite a few components (well "tons" of components) to it, and a handful of chips. Technology, eh?

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