Facebook is Finally Preparing to release their iPad App

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The iPad has been available for over a year. Still, some Apps haven’t become available. For instance, the Facebook app. It exists for iPhone, but has never been released for Apple’s tablet. However, people with knowledge of Facebook’s plans have said that the iPad-optimized Facebook app is on the way, and if the reports are accurate, the application has been in development for almost a year.

Those who have been briefed say that the application is going through its final testing phases and should be ready for prime time in the coming weeks.

According to the New York Times Bits blog, Facebook chose to make no official comment other than that they have a strong relationship with Apple. Apple did not comment at all. No matters, soon, Facebook users won’t have that pixelated, upscaled mess that is the upscaled iPhone app on their iPad. Then again, they could use the website, but even that’s not optimized for an iPad.

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