5 Rumors About Apple’s iCloud Reveal

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Apple announced earlier this week that they will be revealing iCloud on Monday. We’ve even seen the icon plastered on the walls of the Moscone West conference center. Everything at this point is just speculation, but we’ve seen reports everywhere of iCloud and what exactly it will offer, and it’s time to dig in.

Again, these are rumors, and many continue to emerge as iCloud’s official unveiling draws nearer.


1) Apple has signed Universal, the last of the four major label

According to CNET, who cites various sources, Apple has finally signed Universal, the last of the four major labels to their iCloud service. These negotiations have been going on for sometime now, and will reportedly allow Apple to offer streaming of iTunes content to users.

2) iCloud streaming will not be ready Monday

CNET’s sources also say that, iCloud streaming will not be available Monday. That’s not unexpected. However, no mention was made in the report about other services, if any, iCloud may offer. We’re sure it’s not just limited to streaming. While on the streaming though, it seems that it won’t be just for music, either. Reports say that Apple eventually hopes to allow streaming of various forms of media, such as movies and TV shows.


3) Will only work for music purchased on iTunes, other music coming “soon”

This one won’t make many people happy. From the looks of it, Apple will be keeping iCloud streaming to content purchased on the iTunes store. Still, reports say that Apple hopes to offer more music “soon.” This is all an unfortunate result of record labels being anal about their content and Apple not wanting to sever ties. It’s a bummer for sure, but let’s hope it changes.


4) iCloud will help merge your services

What we’re really looking for from iCloud, as iOS and Mac users, isn’t so much the streaming music. That’s cool and all, but we’re hoping for better device integration. TIME wrote a piece a few days back saying that iCloud could make it easy for users to work on Pages or Numbers from their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch then jump on their Mac and have it all synced thanks to iCloud. No need to jump back and forth and email yourself the file, etc. That’s not exactly fast or simple. Let’s hope iCloud can help bridge that gap. There is also the recent rumor that Apple’s AirPort devices may receive a refresh, including a Time Machine that cache’s OS updates. Let’s hope that some exciting things come in the way of Apple software next week.


5) Advertising? $25 Yearly Cost?

The LA Times reports that iCloud will initially be offered for free for a short period. This will hook people in, it seems. Eventually, they hope to raise the price to $25 a year, which may be reasonable depending on how much storage space they offer. They also note that Apple plans to sell advertising. We don’t know what this will be like, hopefully it won’t be too annoying. People hate ads, but so long as they don’t intrude on our experience, we imagine it can be okay. As long as they are relevant, of course. We’re sure we won’t see ads for Exstense, they will probably be for musicians or movies related to what we are listening to, we hope.


Are You Excited about iCloud?

Again, everything above is just rumor at this point. Still, much of it seems credible. Let’s just see what happens on Monday. That said, why not post some of the stuff you want to see Monday? What do you hope is announced at WWDC?

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