Get Over It. The iPad 3 Is Not Happening This Year.*

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Nope. You're likely to be using that iPad 2 until March or April 2012.


Here we go again. Rumors are circulating that the iPad 3 is coming later this year. We don't know how later "later" actually is. But the news comes from a Reuters report. The interesting thing is that they didn't necessarily make it the subject of their article. It was something about the MacBook Air and somewhere along the way they talk a bit about the iPad 3. It goes something like this:

"Apple, in order to maintain a leading position, plans to launch iPad 3 in the fourth quarter by shortening the iPad Product life cycle. And also, try to push the screen resolution of iPad 3 to 2560×1920 , which is the ultimate resolution a 9.7 Inch Panel can achieve and doubles "Full HD"."

While the rumors about the display could very well be true, we don't see why it would be coming anytime this year. The article says something about staying ahead of competitors. Actually, they seem to be far ahead at this point, and it may be a while before Apple has to worry much about a competing device. It sounds like the iPad 2 is selling quite well, and we don't see why they'd have a need to go with the iPad 3. Heck, we even wrote a full piece saying why we really don't think it will happen this year.







*At least we don't think so.

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