Hands-On Review: Armpocket Sport i-20

This image described by cell phone case arm bands, Armpocket, iPhone arm case, Armpocket Phone/MP3 player cases that you strap to your upper arm while jogging, lifting weights, or just mowing the lawn are a dime a dozen, as a quick search on eBay will remind you.  So when an arm case that looks like it was designed for Crocodile Dundee or Dog the Bounty Hunter comes along, we tend to sit up and take notice.

It's hard not to notice the Armpocket Sport i-20 (US$29.95) — a big honkin' hunk of recycled plastic and "soft natural bamboo rayon" with mil-spec zippers, stitching, and arm strap, and even reflective piping for those late-night marathon runs.  Once your iDevice is strapped inside, the clear plastic face screen protects the touch screen while still allowing you to tap and swipe directly.  Plus there's plenty of room inside for keys, ID, spare change, etc.  If you've already got a larger protective case on your iPhone, you may have to remove it before installing it in the Armpocket — but then again, you're just exchanging one suit of armor for another.

Check out our hands-on review below:



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