Hands-On Review: freeKEY Flexible Water Resistant Keyboard

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Now this is just all kinds of neat…

If you've ever wanted a full-size external keyboard for your iPhone, iPad, or any other handheld device — but the actual act of, y'know, lugging around said keyboard is more trouble than it's worth — a company called Scosche has your answer: a Bluetooth keyboard that can actually be rolled up into a package not much larger than a can of soda.  It's called the freeKEY (US$59.99) and yes, it's more than a little (wait for it!) "freaky." 

Once you've fully charged the keyboard's battery (and Scosche includes a nifty little retractible USB cable for that purpose), power it up, hit the "Connect" button, and pair it with your Bluetooth-enabled device of choice.  (The company cautions that Android users need at least firmware version 3.0.1 or newer.)  As soon as it's been paired, start typing away!  One by-product of the freeKEY's soft construction: the key action is similarly soft, and may take some getting used to — but the keyboard does perform as advertised.

iPad users who have struggled to comfortably type on the tablet will be the most immediate beneficiaries of the freeKEY, especially when their iPad is propped up with the folding cover or kickstand of their choice.  Likewise, veteran touch-typists who chafe at the idea of wearing out their thumbs on a smartphone's smaller screen — even if it has a physical keyboard — may welcome the freeKEY's full-size typing interface and adjust their technique to the keyboard's soft feel.  In any event, this is a great combination of innovation and functionality, and we can't recommend it enough.

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