Hands-On Review: Handstand for iPad

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God bless the iPad for everything it can do, and do well.  Unfortunately, data entry is still not one of those things.  And we're not even talking about typing!  Let's say you're in a situation where you're walking around while writing, or drawing, or checking off inventory items — that covers your writing hand, but what about the hand that HOLDS your tablet?  You're probably either gripping one edge (and getting your greasy thumbprints all over the touch screen), or wrapping your forearm around the top and anchoring the bottom in your midriff in an attempt to create a steady input platform.  And heaven help you if, despite your best efforts, your iPad slips and falls out of your hands… [shudder]

Help is on the way, in the form of the Handstand (US$49.95, and available for both the iPad 1 and 2). Seen from the front, it looks like just another hardshell iPad cover.  It's only when you flip it over that you see the genius behind it: a wide elastic band mounted on a large swivel with built-in finger rest.  Snap your iPad into the Handstand, slide your hand under the band, and presto!  Your iPad is (literally!) right at your fingertips — securely so — and can be rotated in any which direction without taking it off your hand.  When you DO take it off, the finger rest doubles as a modest kickstand for desktop viewing/input.  Again, it may not be suitable for writing the Great American Novel on your iPad — but then again, how many Great American Novels are written on your feet?  I didn't think so.

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