Hands-On Review: iFrogz Ear Pollution “Mogul” Headphones

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You gotta love a company that's not solemn about its ad copy.  F'rinstance, this is what iFrogz writes about their "Mogul" DJ-style earphones (part of the "Ear Pollution" line):

Do you live in India? You probably do. And if you do, you're probably smart. And if you're smart, you're probably the member of a ruling dynasty. And if you're the member of a ruling dynasty, these headphones are for you. Mai bahadur aur nadir hewn.

Ha. LOL's aside, the Mogul is one serious headphone.  Everything about it is larger than normal.  The padding on the headband and ear pieces is super-thick and ultra-soft.  Speaking of the ear pieces, they're packing 50 mm driver coils and an advertised frequency response of 10-30,000 Hz — which, in real-world terms, is higher and lower than the average human ear can detect, but it means that the portion you CAN hear is gonna sound fantastic.  The cord is nice and sturdy, too, with a thick outer wrapping all the way down to the standard 3.5mm stereo mini-phone plug, so anything you plug it into will automatically sound better. Not wild about the basic black model shown above?  You can also get 'em in all-white or a red/blue blend.

Note: these are HEADPHONES only — no in-line or boom microphone included, so if you need a set of hi-fi cans with voice capability, keep moving.  If not, you can be sure you're getting a whole lotta hi-fi for your US$69.99.

Check out our hands-on review below:



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