Hands-On Review: iFrogz Bullfrogz iPhone 4 Case

This image described by Review, iPhone 4 bumper case, accessory, iPhone 4 hard case, BullfrogzIt's actually fun to browse through the iFrogz website just to see what kind of wackiness they dredge up for the product descriptions.  Case in point: their Bullfrogz iPhone 4 case.  Behold:

None of us can ignore gravity, unless, of course, you’re an astronaut or the wicked witch of the west. We’re certain your iPhone has also felt the effects. So if you’re clumsy, adventurous, or a hard worker, we have the perfect solution for you: our revamped BullFrogz case.

Amusing ad copy aside, the Bullfrogz (US$34.99) is a classic two-layer case: hard polycarbonate on the inside, then wrapped with a soft silicone bumper.  (If that's too much bulk, you can use just the hard case by itself — but you'll be giving up lots of impact protection.)  Between the hard shell's slider design and the ultra-flexible silicone, this was one of the easiest cases to install and remove we've come across.  The silicone wrapper includes built-in guards that cover the sync jack and a sliding door that protects the camera lens and flash when not in use.  With both cases installed, your iPhone's screen is so deeply recessed that only the most violent of drops will damage it.  The Bullfrogz is also "ambidexterous," i.e. it'll fit both the AT&T and Verizon flavors of the iPhone 4.  Comes in the usual iFrogz color schemes: black bumper/green shell, orange bumper/black shell, or silver bumper/black shell.

Check out our hands-on review below:


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