Hands-On Review: iPhone 4 Cushion

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"Why…so…serious?" the Joker (Heath Ledger) would regularly ask his victims in THE DARK KNIGHT.  We couldn't agree more.  While the bulk of our product reviews are unquestionably ways to make your iDevice experience easier/more efficient/etc., there comes a time when you just have to kick off your shoes, take a big huff of laughing gas, and have a little fun.

Here's a perfect example.

The iPhone 4 Cushion.  It's…well, duh, it's a cushion that looks like an iPhone 4.  Polystyrene beads wrapped in a polyester/spandex cover, so it's soft to the touch and comfortable.  It's 40x20x12 centimeters in size and weighs 250 gram (or 15.7×7.9×4.7 inches and just over half a pound for you Ugly Americans).  US$29.95 with free worldwide shipping.

Use it as a throw pillow.  Use it as a conversation piece.  Use it as a toy for your toddlers who aren't ready for a real iPhone.  Heck, use it as a gag present for that Crackberry or Droid acolyte who refuses to come over to "the Dark Side of the Force."

Check out our hands-on review below:


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