Hands-On Review: Liquid Shield Case For iPhone 4

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If you want to shoot the sequel to THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER in your town swimming pool — or just want to protect your pricey iPhone from the elements — you're gonna need to encase it in something that'll keep the water out but still let you access the controls AND not block the camera lens.

Xgear to the rescue!  Their Liquid Shield case (US$49.99) combines hard- and soft-case techniques with serious waterproofing.  First, snap on the clear polycarbonate inner case that shields the sides and back of your phone.  Next, squeeze it into the outer soft-silicone cover that's flexible enough to access and manipulate your touch screen.  Lastly, screw on the gasketed "airlock door" to seal your iPhone against the elements; the oversized screws are easy to hand-tighten, then grab a handy coin and finish the job in the slotted screw head.  (There are some good videos on the product page detailing the entire procedure…)

As with any "waterproof" case, we always caution that Water Will Find Its Way In Eventually, so running a quick sink test before taking it out into the middle of the Caribbean is a good idea.  And even if you're not planning on shooting schools of fish for National Geographic, if you spend any sizeable amount of time in the great outdoors, the Liquid Shield's multilayer protection should give you plenty of piece of mind.

Check out our hands-on review below:



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