Hands-On Review: Moshi iGlaze Case For iPhone 4

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You can never be too rich, too thin — or too protective, it would appear.  That's the philosophy that gadget house Moshi ("purveyor of electronic fashion") brings to its iGlaze line of hard cases for the iPhone 4:

The iGlaze 4 shell-case was designed for owners who prefer minimalist-style protection that serves to accentuate the unique look of the iPhone 4 while protecting it from damage.  iGlaze excels at protecting the iPhone from scratches and shocks without compromising its form and functionality.

The iGlaze itself is a thin, thin, thin 0.8mm snap-in case for both the AT& Tand Verizon iPhone that comes in Graphite Black, Pearl White, Burgundy Red, Tyrian Purple, Artic Silver, or "XT" (i.e. clear).  Moshi even throws in a "buffer film" to further protect your iPhone's back panel from rubbing against the case itself.  (We're guessing traditional flocking on the inside of the case would be considered declass?¬©…)  Another bragging point from Moshi: the iGlaze is "[d]esigned and tested to be 'flash-friendly' [meaning] no interference to iPhone 4's built-in flash which causes unwanted flare in photos."  Not bad for US$25.00. 

Check out our hands-on review below:



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