Hands-On Review: Pinlo XyberPro iPad Case

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We'll bet there's at least one comic-book geek with an iPad out there who takes a gander at Pinlo's XyberPro iPad case — and the first thought that comes to mind is "Huh, looks like something Professor Xavier would have concocted."  (You know, because of that who "X" motif going on…)

And in fact, the US$39.95 XyperPro is something of a shape-shifting mutant in its own right.  The multi-stage protection system starts with the distinctive "Xyber X Crystal Plastic Shell," a simple plastic backbrace with silicon pads in the corner connectors for shock absorption.  Need more full-body coverage?  Slap on the matching soft "TPU case."  To make things more interesting, you can use the Xyber X and TPU alone or together — and the TPU doubles as a front screen protector in the great outdoors.

The XyberPro (for first-gen iPads) comes in your choice of black, red, clear, blue, or yellow.  There's also an i2-specific version, but your choices there are limited to black, clear, or sky-blue.

Check out our hands-on review below:



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