Hands-On Review: Plunger Kickstand

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Oh, this is just too funny for words.

We've seen smartphone deskstands and kickstands get smaller and smaller, simpler, less expensive.  Unless you go the DIY/"roll your own" route with cardboard and paper clips, how much smaller/cheaper/more basic can you get?

This, folks, may be Ground Zero.

Gadgeteers iThrough proudly present the "Silicone Pumping Toilet Stand Holder for Mobile Phone/ MP4", for the unbeatable price of US$1.94.  No, your eyes are not deceiving you: it's a teeny-tiny plunger with a silicone-rubber cup and wood handle.  Stick it to the back of your smartphone or media player (smooth surfaces, obviously, as the "business end" is a glorified suction cup) and you've got a kickstand with a conversation (and giggle) factor that's off the charts.

Now, it may take some finagling to find the "sweet spot" that supports your device properly — unlike some of the solid kickstands we've looked at, the inherent flex in the suction-cup means this baby's going to be defeated by a higher center of gravity.  (It goes without saying that, for the same reason, portrait-mode support is out of the question…)  And while iTouch claims the handle does double duty as a stylus, it adds "for resistive screens;" attempts to write, draw, or doodle on our iPhone 4's capacitive screen were non-starters.

Limitations aside, this is one of the cutest gizmos that's come our way in a long time.  (And one of the most affordable: the price drops to less than a buck each when you buy 10 or more, plus free airmail shipping, so it's in your best interests to [wait for it!] "take the plunge.")

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