Hands-On Review: RainBallet Waterproof iPhone 4 Case

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You don't have to be the next Jacques Cousteau to want a waterproof case for your iPhone — just getting caught in the rain, much less jumping into the pool before remembering to take your phone out of your pocket, is enough to ruin your day (never mind your expensive smartphone).  So if you're paranoid about ANY kind of moisture worming its way into your iPhone, take a look at The Joy Factory's RainBallet waterproof case (US$49.95).

Installation's a snap: drop the phone in, tighten three screws with the nearest screwdriver (or a handy coin), and you're ready to go.  The RainBallet boasts something called "Intelli-filter‚Äö√묢 design," which lets speaker sound out while keeping water, dust, etc. out.  And if you really want to go the Coustea route and take photos or videos on your next scuba-diving expedition, the case features Sharpvue‚Äö√묢 lenses on the front and back.

We would, however, be remiss in pointing out that "waterproof" is never an absolute condition: water has a habit of finding its way into anything, given enough time, so feel free to perform some seal-integrity tests on dry land before taking your iPhone out to the Marianas Trench.  Nonetheless, if you are simply looking to protect your phone from everyday elements, the RainBallet is a safe bet.

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