Hands-On Review: SmartFit 2 Clear Case For iPad 2

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Magnetic and foldable, elegant and ingenious, the iPad 2's Smart Cover is pure Apple design at work.  As a cover for the iPad's touch screen (among other things), it is non pareil.  The one area in which falters is that it only covers the touch screenl; the i2's back remains unprotected and vulnerable.  Add a hard or soft case?  No problem — except now said case covers up the area on the iPad where you'd normally attach the Smart Cover.  So the choice becomes: Smart Cover or back protection?

The Joy Factory's response?  "Why choose?"

Enter the SmartFit 2 (US$29.95).  At first glance, it's a simple polycarbonate snap-on iPad 2 case, available in clear or smoke finishes.  There are the usual cutouts for camera, controls, speakerphone, microphone, and…hello, what's this?  There's this one big honkin' cutout on one side.  Looks about the size of…

Yep, about the size of a Smart Cover magnetic hinge.  So now you can use your Smart Cover and protect the back against scratches and dings.  It's those simple modifications that make all the difference.

Check out our hands-on review below:


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