Hands-On Review: TheGigEasy Vocalist Stand For iPads

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As more and more music and songwriting apps appear for the iPad, musicians will continue to flock to its large screen and intuitive interface, and more and more 'Pads will find their way into recording studios both casual and professional.  But up until now, there's been no easy way for vocalists to sing AND access their iPads at the same time.

Enter TheGigEasy, an iPad holder optimized for musicians and recording studios.  We looked at their Mic Stand Mount Extension Arm Kit (US$99.00), which includes the GigEasy itself (a rotatable, four-pronged gripper) and a pair of swappable mounts: a standard "Manhasset" adapter that screws onto the end of a microphone floor stand, and an extension arm that clamps onto a stand that already has a mic attached.  The gripper itself works with both first- and second-generation iPads; a quartet of soft bumper pads (to compensate for the iPad 2's thinner design) are included with each TheGigEasy kit at no additional charge.

So now, whether you're using your iPad to follow printed lyrics, read sheet music, or actually run a music or recording app, it's right on your mic stand, at your fingertips and (most importantly) in your line of site.  In fact, a quick scan of TheGigEasy's product page reveals a flexible, adaptable system: in additional to a variety of mount options and money-saving multiple packs, there's a clever foot-triggered "page turner" system to move back and forth through sheet music — something even "real" sheet music can't do!

Check out our hands-on review below:



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