Hands-On Review: Trident Cyclops Case For iPhone 4

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It's the eternal struggle when designing an iPhone case: hard-shell protection or soft-bumper cushioning?  Protecting the screen and camera lens while still leaving them accessable to the user?  And what about making sure that external cables/connectors will still fit with the cover on?

Trident seems to have most of those questions under control.  Their Cyclops Series Enclosure System for the iPhone 4 (US$24.95) starts with an impact-resistant polycarbonate inner case, then wraps it in an additional shock-absorbing silicone ring.  PET film screen protectors for both the touchscreen and camera lens stop scratches, smudges, fingerprints, and glare without reducing touch sensitivity and optical quality, respectively.  Cleverest of all, the case comes with an audio jack extender, so plugging in an external microphone — or plugging your iPhone into your car or home stereo's AUX input — is a breeze.  The whole shebang is available in six colors (red, black, white, orange, yellow, or blue).

Note: Trident has exelent customer service so fi for any reason  you have problem with you case, for example with silicon ring, they will replace it.

Check out our hands-on review below:


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