His Master’s Voice: iOS 5 To Get Enhanced Voice Commands?

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When Steve Jobs unveiled iOS 5 at WWDC this week, the words "voice command" were conspicuously absent from the presentation.  This led to a lot of pundit head-scratching — especially since Apple had already purchased Siri, makers of an Android-like voice-driven personal assistant app.  Not to mention the fact that code from Nuance (another vox-software company that the House of Jobs is wooing) is already embedded in the upcoming OS X Lion.

According to tech writer Robert Scoble (whose own sources had correctly nailed the deep Twitter integration in iOS 5), improved voice-recognition IS part of the Fall debut of iOS 5 — it just wasn't ready for the WWDC demo.  What is certain is that, between now and then, lots and lots of developers and/or hackers are going to be grovelling through the entrails of the iOS 5 SDK going "What the **** is that?" or "Hey, look what I found!" — and who knows WHAT they'll uncover…

[TechCrunch, via Boy Genius Report]

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