Home (Page) Delivery: Financial Times’ Web App Bypasses iTunes

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In a moment of pique worthy of SOUTH PARK's Eric Cartman, the Financial Times has in essense told Apple "Screw you guys, I'm going home!"

Like many other publications, FT was eager to take advantage of the iPhone and (especially) iPad as a delivery platform for the electronic counterpart of its dead-tree newspaper.  However…unlike, say, the Wall Street Journal, FT wasn't happy with Apple's (in their eyes) onerous terms when it came to in-app subscriptions.  In particular, Cupertino's insistance on retaining 30 percent of all subscription revenue, every month, coupled with Apple‚Äö√Ñ√¥s insistence on keeping subscriber data like credit card information to itself.

So, like Cartman, they went home.  "Home page," that is.  If you want to read and subscribe to the Financial Times on your iDevice, fire up your browser and cruise on over to app.ft.com.  In essence, what they've done is create an HTML5 version of the paper that has all the functionality of an App Store program, but they get to keep ALL the revenue/subscriber-info marbles for themselves.

While FT hasn't completely ruled out the possibility of striking a deal with iTunes (or any other platform's app store, for that matter), note the opening lines in the promotional video below:


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